Our dedicated staff members are your primary resource for library-related assistance and services. From communications to strategic planning and everything in-between, we are here to help you navigate the challenges of library work and build a strong network of libraries that empower each other through engagement and collaboration. There are no wrong questions, so whether you need assistance with an immediate challenge, want to find out what SELS is all about and what free services could benefit your library, or just want to get to know us don't hesitate to reach out!

Ashley Dress, MLIS

Consultant for School Media Centers

As the SELS Consultant for School Media Centers, Ashley provides support to Media Specialists and Media Center Support Staff in the region. She also advocates for better funding and support for Media Centers by working with K-12 education administration at the local and state level. She loves gardening, cooking and reading graphic novels as well as rolling around on the floor with baby Warren and making fairy gardens with four-year-old Charlotte. When every school in southeast Minnesota has a school library managed by a media specialist, she will know she's done her job.

Claire Heins, MLIS

SELS Librarian

In her role as SELS Librarian, Claire provides support to Academic and Special library members, coordinates programming and CE opportunities, manages communication channels such as the SELS newsletter and website, and works closely with Ashley to facilitate School and Academic library collaborations aimed at enhancing student literacy outcomes. She loves dogs, and is passionate about fostering pups that need a second chance. When she isn't wrangling her pack of misfit fluffballs she likes to hike, forage, and relax with a good cup of tea and a cozy mystery.

Krista Ross, MLIS

Executive Director

Krista is the Executive Director for both SELS and SELCO. She has worked hard to make SELS services more equitable to all member libraries, and to raise awareness of the importance of building a robust and sustainable network of Minnesota libraries. She is dedicated to supporting Ashley and Claire as they work closely with members to best meet their unique needs and create a strong network of empowered libraries in southeast Minnesota. She is passionate about mid century modern design, flea markets, and helping libraries not only succeed, but thrive.